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with AI accuracy and efficiency

Take advantage of the power of precision and cost-effectiveness. Stay ahead in the legal arena, maximizing your potential and safeguarding intellectual property like never before — all driven by advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Here’s just a sample of the robust evidentiary data we collect on behalf of the brands we protect.
We dive deep into the sellers’ meta data.

  • Access live data collected through services
  • Review client comments on infringing listings
  • View downloaded, timestamped versions of infringements
  • Click through direct links to infringing sellers’ pages
  • Share private notes with firm associates
  • Customize exports by restricting listings, updating data, and applying filters
  • Automatically generate Schedule A documents with screenshots, doe numbers, and links to seller pages

Take control of your client’s data with Quickly view, edit, and export relevant details through our intuitive user interface.

Take your practice to the next level.

There has never been a better time.

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