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98 thousand + unique threat indicators

determine the legitimacy of ecommerce sites

6 million + retail value

of infringing products removed by Qti.ai last year

57 thousand + ecommerce stores

across global platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Fruugo, Temu…

2 million + product images

used to promote goods around the world

Qti.ai on YouTube

Check out our Qti.ai-specific tutorials, as well as wider webinars and updates about Brand Protection, Scam Intelligence and Threat Detection.

Qti.ai on YouTube

Qti.ai Partnership with RightsClick

RightsClick simplifies the process of formalizing Intellectual Property rights with the United States Copyright Office via its platform built for busy, independent creators.

Charting the Growth of Qti.ai

High customer satisfaction -> word-of-mouth referrals = clusters of clients in comparable categories. Check out these Qti.ai clients, all related to scary / spooky products, especially popular in these Autumn days leading up to Halloween:

Screenshot of Qti.ai Client Dashboard

The Mission of Qti.ai

Qti.ai improves the integrity of ecommerce and social media platforms, to facilitate authentic transactions. Will Boychuck founded Qti.ai in 2020 to help small businesses (with limited resources) who are especially vulnerable to scammers. Our advanced algorithms help keep our costs reasonable. That same technology scales well to serve larger clients and law firms dedicated to…

Qti.ai: Brand Protection for Everyone