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Will Boychuck near HQ in Corning, New York
Will Boychuck near HQ in Corning, New York improves the integrity of ecommerce and social media platforms, to facilitate authentic transactions.

Will Boychuck founded in 2020 to help small businesses (with limited resources) who are especially vulnerable to scammers. Our advanced algorithms help keep our costs reasonable. That same technology scales well to serve larger clients and law firms dedicated to protecting IP rights.

We develop proactive solutions that nurture trust among online buyers and sellers. Like the data-driven algorithms we employ, we’re constantly evolving to address the dynamic challenges inherent in global marketplaces. We’re prioritizing these projects at present:

  • Scam Intelligence
  • Brand Protection
  • Threat Detection devotes serious and sustained effort to being proactive: anticipating, identifying and solving problems. As such, client satisfaction lies at the heart of; we always appreciate candid feedback to actively cultivates relationships with clients and colleagues who share the goal of safeguarding consumers, producers and related service providers. We encourage collaboration, even if monetary gain is not immediately apparent. structures our pricing models based on the cost of developing and upgrading those solutions, while keeping our target audiences in mind. In order to continually offer high-quality services and well-trained staff, we anticipate small percentage increases in our prices each year. We will communicate all rate adjustments to our clients well in advance. fairly compensates our employees and independent contractors. We do not offer “unpaid internships.” We discuss financial remuneration at the outset of each available opportunity. We encourage all team members to advocate for themselves, and actively engage their strengths and passions to advance the mission of supports local, regional, and international efforts that align with our core values and principles. For example, we’ve donated time, talent and resources to FIRST, a global robotics community preparing young people for the future by advancing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

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