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Shine through a saturated market by safeguarding your brand, and ensuring it remains untarnished. With enhanced protection and corresponding exposure, you can rise above the noise, attracting a wider audience and gaining recognition in a crowded global marketplace.

MAX'IS Creations was literally a knight in shining armor who arrived when I needed them most! I can’t say enough about the value Qti brings to small businesses like ours. So many brand protection agencies have huge monthly fees and no one to email when there’s a problem. Qti is reasonably priced, and they are quick to not only answer emails, but they even answer the phone! Will, Cheryl and SCAMI are the real deal; I highly recommend them.

– Jennifer Ash, MAX’IS Creations client since June 2023

Can’t say enough about how beneficial it’s been working with Qti. I was drowning in scammers and people thinking I was ripping them off. Now I can sit back and work on my art, and let Qti attack the scammers head on.

– Matt Zufelt, clock9nine client since May 2022

Qti has been amazing! Scammers were stealing our pictures to use in online bait-and-switch scams, which really impacted us. We literally lost hundreds of hours reporting thousands of fake ads on social media, and fake listings on marketplaces.

Qti helps small businesses like us reclaim our lives and careers!

– Casper and Sadie, RevenantFX clients since April 2022

Whether you sell your products around the corner or around the world, can help protect your brand so you can focus on growing your business.

Take your brand to the next level.

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